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Belarusian Pharmland to implement two projects with Syrian partner

The Belarusian-Dutch pharmaceutical company OOO Pharmland intends to implement two projects with a Syrian company, BelTA learned from Pharmland Press Secretary Olga Tomashevskaya after an international business delegation visited the Belarusian company.

The delegation intended to get familiar with the Belarusian company’s experience of producing preparations out of blood plasma in addition to discussing cooperation opportunities. A preliminary agreement on implementing two projects in Syria was reached.

In particular, the Syrian company Unipharma Tech is interested in getting the Belarusian company to assist with the construction of plasma centers in Syria. There are plans to build six facilities initially. Pharmland will provide experts, will design centers, train specialists, and supply plasmapheresis equipment and kits of expendable materials. The possibility of initial plasmapheresis at Pharmland’s enterprise in Nesvizh is under consideration. “We have signed an agreement of intent to cooperate in these spheres. We can also team up for other projects in Syria,” Chairman of the Board of Directors of Pharmland Company Ivan Logovoi said.

A top-ranking manager of the Syrian company Unipharma Tech noted they are pleased to work together with Pharmland. The combination of experience and affordable technologies has great prospects on the Syrian market. It is extremely important that Belarus-Syria diplomatic relations are strong and friendly. The fact encourages trust and confidence that the project will be carried out. According to the source, the Syrian government may back projects involving the Belarusian company.

The Italian company BRAM-COR S.p.A. may take part in the joint projects in Syria. A representative of the Italian company was part of the international business delegation.

The delegation visited a plant in Nesvizh and Pharmland’s test lab in Minsk where members of the delegation were made familiar with plasmapheresis equipment.

Pharmland specializes in making medications and healthcare products. It operates a blood plasma processing plant in Nesvizh. The plant spent two years getting through the validation process. The enterprise is about to begin supplying albumen, immunoglobulin, and blood-coagulation factors VIII and IX. It is the only plant of the kind in the ex-USSR.